Fun Activities On Your Digital Devices

As you continue to self-quarantine, you may be running out of things to do or want some new activities. The following are some suggestions:

The Charleston County Public Libary is a great online resource and it is free. Some services require you to download a free app to access them. For instance, the app Overdrive lets you access books from the library. With the app RBdigital, you can read a wide variety of magazines. You can use hoopla for many online streaming services. Again, these are free.  Check them out here.

FaceTime or Skype are good apps to connect with friends and family members including grandchildren. You can read stories to each other, use homemade flashcards to practice math facts, play games such as Uno or Scrabble if you each have the game. Some games can even be played by asking one of the people to move your pawn when you roll the dice.  Be creative!

Bridge players might enjoy some of the online games such as those offered by   Larry Cohen ( has elessons as well as articles and quizzes. Audrey Grant ( even has a website with a daily bridge column. There are also apps you can download. As with the online games, some of the apps are free and some have a fee. A few suggestions are Funbridge, Bergen Bridge and Shark Bridge.

If you enjoy Mahjong, there are sites for this as well.  Check out,, and

There are also Apps to play online for Words with Friends, Chess with Friends, Checkers with Friends, etc.

The New York Times Crossword app gives you a free daily puzzle and access to hundreds of crossword puzzles for a fee.

If you have Amazon Prime, they offer a free borrowed e-book per month as well as unlimited music, reading, TV, and movie streaming.  Click here to find out more.

As you can see, there is a vast array of online and app activities to keep you entertained.  Just google your interest or search in your App Store (if your device is an Apple or IOS) or Play Store (for Android).

To get you started, here are a couple of downloads you might enjoy:

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