SIPOA COVID-19 Update #11 – March 26


Message from Board President, Dan Kortvelesy

In this new reality of sheltering in place, we often find ourselves searching for methods that allow us to maintain that important human connection.

Of a more immediate concern for the Board of Directors has been, how do you conduct the meetings necessary to carry out SIPOA business? Over the past 10 days, the SIPOA Board and staff have been trying various methods to “meet” remotely. We have had email discussions about how to set up committee meetings. On Monday we had our first video conference meeting of the executive committee. And today we conducted a special Board meeting through video conferencing. Each time we use this method, we improve our skills and efficiency to conduct a productive session. Just a quick FYI, the Board today appointed Ian Millar to fill a vacant director position until 2/13/2021. Our goal is to conduct our regularly scheduled April 2020 Board meeting through video conferencing. Towards that end, we are working on the logistics to be able to include the property owners in that meeting. Details will follow as we get closer to the meeting date.

Committee chairs have been working through the process of holding committee meetings through video conferencing. In fact, the ARC held 2 sessions through video conferencing earlier this week. At one meeting, multiple outside participants took part in the session. Builders, architects, and property owners from around the country were able to start the process of building their dream home on Seabrook Island. Many thanks go to all the directors as they work with staff to be sure that the committees meet to conduct SIPOA business. They are spending much time adjusting schedules, material presentations, and meeting format.

So how can we use the technology of video conferencing to help us as we progress through this emergency period? As I noted above, this human connection with others is important as we shelter in place. Almost every grandparent knows the value of FaceTime, Duo, or Skype; all video conferencing platforms. Connecting with your grandchild as they eat breakfast or get ready for bed is often a highlight of our day. The use of technology to maintain a connection with family or friends is essential to our emotional health. If you’re old enough, you may remember the telephone commercial where they said, “Reach out and touch someone.” (I am probably dating myself now). The ability to complete a call and not only talk with but see the other participant, allows us to connect on an even higher emotional level. Reach out and “touch” someone today.

Stay safe.

-Submitted by SIPOA, or 843-768-0061