QR Codes: What Do You Know?

Have you noticed these QR codes popping up in many different places? QR codes, or Quick Response codes, were first developed more than 25 years ago in Japan by automakers. They were supposed to be the future of advertising but people lost interest in them when accessing the information they provided required another app to be downloaded to one’s phone.

Today’s smartphones have cameras that are sophisticated enough to point and read the QRs. You’ve probably seen QRs on packages, bills, and product packaging. Maybe you’ve seen one on a display in a store. The user scans the code and is automatically directed to a new source of information like a webpage or coupon page or a profile from social media. Some QR codes can send the user an image, a video or a PDF. They’re used to offer more information.

Try the one below to see what you find. To do so, open the camera on your smartphone, hold your phone up to the QR:

This image should appear at the top of your smartphone over the image of the QR:

Tap on this image and you will find the answer to this question:

Looking for something to read?

Now that you’ve experimented with our QR code, you’ll be ready to read other QR codes- maybe even in your doctor’s office.

Tidelines Editors

(Image credit: pixabay.com; QR created at QR Code Generator)