Tech Tips with Chad

Today’s tech tip comes at an appropriate time in our world, as many of us are using our computers and gadgets much more due to the recent “Home or Work” mandates our state has implemented. As states are reopening, hackers are going to take advantage of these trying times and come up with new ways to scam people.

Recently, there have been reports of people receiving COVID-19 related text messages, with a link to another website. Be on the lookout for these and make sure your gut feeling kicks in right away on these types of messages. Never click those links on any device, as it could lead you to fake websites that could be giving out false information, or even worse, setting up a fake site that allows the unsuspecting victim to think he or she is signing up for a free COVID-19 test at their local medical facility.

These bad guys are trying to get you to give up way more information than a normal medical practice would ask for, all in an attempt to steal your identity and possibly set up a fake payment website to pay for services or even COVID-19 donation sites.

These messages could come in the form of a text message, e-mail, or robocall, so be aware on all fronts. These people could claim to be from the World Health Organization (WHO) or any other type of governmental agency, but 99% of the time, it’s someone pretending to be them.

The general rule of thumb when someone on the phone, or electronically, is asking for private information When in Doubt, Don’t Give it Out!

-Chad Droze, Compu-Experts

Reprinted with permission