COVAR COVID-19 Resources to Share

COVAR, The Council of Villa Associations and Regimes, represents 41 member communities on Seabrook Island. Each of these communities will face challenges when the short term rental ban ends, with some having additional issues to address concerning their pools and common areas, such as elevators, staircases, mailboxes, and trash and recycling areas.

SIPOA recently shared some resources with COVAR which individual regimes may find helpful with decision making. All are free, some are downloadable, and all are very informative. Regime homeowners will find it helpful as well. They are:
Plum Grove, Inc: This website has free signage for COVID-19 measures. Scroll down the page to reveal the offer.

Community Associations Institute SC:  Scroll down to the Coronavirus and Condominium, Homeowner and Community Association Insurance and click on the blue letters. You will be redirected to YouTube and a presentation that covers such topics as “What if you don’t close the pool?” and “What if residents get sick?”

On YouTube, Community Associations Institute has two webinars:
COVID-19 Q&A: The Next Normal (click here)
Cleaning Common Areas During COVID-19 (click here)

We hope you find this information helpful.

-Submitted by Joanne Fagan, Secretary for COVAR