New Stores in Freshfields Village

There are several new stores opening in Freshfields Village. We previously told you about Doin’ The Charleston that opened between The Corner Cleaners and Village Dentistry.  They specialize in gourmet foods, gifts, and beach music CDs.

Indigo Health is located on the 2nd floor above Tres Carmen. Indigo Health offers chiropractic and massage therapy services.  To access their store you need to use the stairs located between Tres Carmen and Coastal Footwear.

Jayne is located across the street from Indigo Books.  Jayne offers an everchanging selection of women’s luxury apparel brands.

The Patricia Reno Huff Gallery & Art Studio is on the 2nd floor above Beija Flor Jeans.  Patricia Reno Huff, a local artist, offers original artwork for sale as well as private and group classes in oil, watercolor, and pastel.  To access it, you need to take the stairs between Bluemercury and Beija Flor.

To view the hours of Freshfields Village stores, click here.

Please note that several stores in Freshfields Village are requiring masks to be worn inside their store.

Tidelines Editors