Turtle Patrol Report Week Ending June 28

Tuesday, June 23

The mamas took a couple of days off but came back in full force this morning.
Brenda Zack called in first with a crawl between the Camp St. Christopher flag and the kayak shed. Judy Morr probed and found nest 34 containing 115 eggs. It was relocated back 10 yards to a safer location. Shortly thereafter Brenda found another crawl near the danger sign. Bill and Eileen Middleton probed and found the nest. Nest 36 was safely tucked into the dunes and left in situ.

Pam Salvestrini & Lori Porwoll called in two crawls one on each side of the trash can north of Boardwalk 1. Mike Vinson probed both crawls and found eggs in each. Nest 35 is located about 20 yards behind the trash can and was left in situ. Nest 37 is located about 40 yards north of the trash can and was also left in situ.

Wednesday, June 24

Brenda White, walking alone today, was very excited to call in not one but two crawls; both near the trash can north of Boardwalk 1. These were her first crawls after 2 years of walking. Congratulations Brenda!! Sandy MacCoss probed both body pits and found nests 39 and 40. They were both left in situ.

Walkers Lindsey Capp and Kathy Hanson called in a long crawl between Boardwalks 2 & 3. It was probed by Mike Vinson and the 120 eggs making up nest 38 were moved back about 20 yards to avoid high tides. They also found a Least Tern egg in the middle of the turtle tracks.

Thursday, June 25

Sandy MacCoss and Anna Wechter reported a crawl just south of Boardwalk 6. Mike Vinson found Nest 42 which he was able to leave in situ. This was a very determined turtle… she dug up and broke up the remnants of an old bonfire. Mike’s on a roll, finding 4 nests in 3 days!

Gary Bowers had a busy morning on Zone 4. He first called before 6 am with a promising crawl 100 yards north of Boardwalk 1. The Middletons responded and found the 115 the eggs for Nest 41. It was moved further back on the dune to a safer location. Gary continued his walk and didn’t even call in an obvious false crawl near the trash can. He waited until he had a third crawl around the curve on the spit. Judy Morr responded to that crawl but unfortunately, it was also a false crawl.

Saturday, June 27

On her usual afternoon walk on the south end of the beach, Karen Sewell noticed what she thought looked like a nest about halfway between the old pier and Privateer. There were no visible crawls as they had been washed away by the high tide. She sent some photos of her find to Terry Fansler who then asked Sandy MacCoss and Jane Magioncalds to check it out. They headed for the beach after contacting Karen who decided to join them. It was a good thing she did because the body pit she had reported was hard to find. They probed the area extensively but had no luck and were about to call it a day. Jane decided to give it one more try before they left and she found nest 43! Rumor has it that Karen performed her patented “found the nest” dance to celebrate the occasion.

Sunday. June 28

Rick and Francie Segal sent in a photo of what they thought might be a turtle crawl in front of the Camp St. Christopher cross. The area was probed by Valerie and Mark Doane and they found the eggs. Nest 44 was relocated 30 yards north of the boat shed. There were 118 eggs, 7 of which were found broken inside the nest. It took some keen eyes to spot this crawl, good job Rick and Francie. They also reported a large castle with a moat, which was too large for them to fill in. The Beach Patrol was notified.

-Submitted by Gary Fansler

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