History of Charleston – Twelfth of the Series

Our Tidelines post on Saturday, April 18, congratulated Charleston on its 350th Anniversary. Click here to read the post.

The Post and Courier is running a series of articles about the history of Charleston to commemorate the 350th Anniversary beginning in 1670 when the first settlers arrived in Charleston Harbor. We will be posting a link to each article of the series as it becomes available.

To read this twelfth article, “Great Fire of 1740 Sparks Decade of Rebuilding Charles Town,” click here.

To read the previous eleven articles, go to our website, www.tidelinesblog.com, and type “history” in the search box.

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(Image credit:  Leroy Burnell. The historic, two-level George Eveleigh House provides a glimpse of Charleston living in the 18th century.)