Storm Water Drainage Study

In the August 2020 issue of Currents,  Warren Kimball, Chair of the SIPOA General Operating and Maintenance Committee (GOMC), wrote an interesting article about the 2020 Drainage Study.

In the article, he said that the 2020 Drainage Study is now available.  He also explained that:

“On December 12, 2018, SIPOA and The Club signed a 20-year agreement to cooperate on drainage issues, with three major thrusts: 1) agreement that drainage, regardless of its source (rain, tide, surge) was a joint responsibility; 2) The Club and SIPOA would jointly contract for a full drainage study of Seabrook Island; and 3) joint resolution of a long-standing controversy over a mutual drainage situation.”

To read the complete 2020 Drainage Study, click here.

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