Have You Completed the 2020 Census?

There’s still time to be counted in the once-every-10-years census. The deadline to submit your response to the U.S. Census Bureau has been extended three months because of the COVID-19 pandemic. You now have until September 30, 2020 to respond.

A census is required by the Constitution to occur once every 10 years and started in 1790.  The information gathered determines the number of congressional seats, and therefore the representation in the Electoral College. Each state receives electoral votes based on the number of House and Senate members it has. (Due to timing, the 2020 elections will not be affected by the 2020 census.)

In addition, the amount of federal funding for programs such as schools, disaster relief, and public services is based on the census count.

If you haven’t completed the census yet, don’t put it off. It is simple and easy to do online and takes only about 10 minutes.  It is safe, secure, and confidential and your information will be protected.

For more information as well as submitting your data, go to 2020census.

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(Image credit:  2020census.gov)