Voting Matters

Are you voting by absentee ballot in the November 3 election? According to the Charleston County Board of Elections, absentee ballots will be mailed out beginning October 3. Everyone who chooses to vote by this method is encouraged to mail their ballot back as early as possible.

At this time, a court has ruled that you do not need a witness’s signature on the absentee ballot return envelope. However, because of ongoing court challenges and reversals, this could change, and you may not know whether your absentee ballot requires a witness’s signature on the day you want to mail your ballot. Therefore, if your absentee ballot or envelope has a line for a witness signature, we recommend that you ask a friend or family member to sign as a witness. Any changes to the witness requirement will be reported through the media and at Even if the final ruling is that you don’t need a witness, having one won’t invalidate your ballot. Remember, be sure to carefully check the ballot for errors, including that all ovals are filled in fully before mailing it in.

Seabrook Island Village-Neighbors Helping Neighbors will provide free assistance to any resident of Seabrook Island who needs a witness for their ballot. Please remember that volunteers are just to witness the absentee ballot. We ask that you refrain from any political discussion. To arrange for this service, call Seabrook Island Village at 843-580-2088.

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