Meet William Connolly Candidate for 2021 SIPOA Board of Directors

William Connolly

My wife Beth and I purchased our single-family home on Seabrook Island in 2015. In 2016 I spent more than half my time on the island. When I retired in 2017, we moved to Seabrook to live full time. I enjoyed a 25-year career in technology consulting, helping businesses implement large scale management and analytics software engagements. Immediately prior to retirement, I led one of Hewlett Packard’s consulting practices. Beth retired in 2014 after a lifelong career as a middle school teacher. We are extremely grateful to have three children, all married and eight grandchildren.

I am privileged to serve on the SIPOA G.O.M.C. (General Operating and Maintenance) and the Long-Range Planning Committees. I am a member of the Exchange Club where I volunteer on the Grants Committee and with the implementation and operation of a new member management application. I have also served on the Exchange Club Finance Committee.

SIPOA will face financial decisions in the coming years as we address issues associated with flooding, drainage, and road maintenance. It will be critical to have people on the Board that understand how to plan, forecast, and reserve for these initiatives and minimize the cost of capital required to fund them.

My education includes an MBA from Northwestern University with concentrations in marketing, management, and finance. My consulting career provided in depth exposure to all business processes at a variety of enterprises from different industries but with a special focus on finance and management accounting. These experiences have served me well in understanding and managing the finances of organizations.

I seek to serve on the Board of Directors in order to give back to this community and because I believe I have the skills and knowledge to address the key issues facing Seabrook Island. We must continue to deal proactively with the issues of road flooding and drainage while protecting the natural environment and adjusting to the changing demographics on the island. We need to address these issues with forethought and planning to minimize the impact on the budget, fees, and assessments.

-Submitted by the SIPOA Nominating Committee