Parking on Seabrook Island

The Safety & Security Committee wants visitors to Seabrook Island to enjoy their stay and enjoy our beaches and community. Unfortunately, when visitors receive a citation for unknowingly breaking the rules, it can leave a bad impression of our island and community. 

There must be some confusion over where parking on Seabrook Island is and is not permitted because our security officers seem to issue a lot of parking citations. About one-third of the citations are given to renters and guests, so it appears that property owners who rent out their properties or those who have guests could help solve the problem by informing their renters and guests of the Seabrook Island parking rules. Please help us get the word out to visitors on what our parking rules are. After all, we don’t have signs designating where people can park, so we have to tell them. People coming through the security gate on a guest pass are given a safety and security guide on our rules, but it seems to go largely unnoticed. Please post this conspicuously in your property if you have renters or guests, and please tell your family members about our parking rules. 

Tidelines has published several posts about parking rules. So, let’s review them.

  • Parking in handicap parking spaces anywhere on the island is only permitted with a valid, government-issued handicap parking permit. To access the Boardwalk 1 handicap parking area, go to the Security Gate to obtain the gate code and a SIPOA handicap access pass placard to be placed on the dashboard.
  • Parking on SIPOA roads is limited to one side of the road. Please take note of where cars are parked and park on the same side of the road.
  • Parking should always be in the direction of traffic.
  • On unimproved lots:
    • Parking is permitted off the road on the right of way, the grassy area along the roadway.
    • Such parking is only temporary.
  • On improved lots:
    • Parking is permitted in front of the lot on the right of way with the permission of the owner.
    • Such parking is only temporary.
  • Parking at the SIPOA Oyster Catcher Community Center lot is for property owner vehicles only (not unaccompanied family members, renters, or guests). Parking  there requires:   
    • An affixed Property Owner’s Entry Authentication barcode.
    • A Property Owner Pass. Please note: this is not the gate access pass a family member receives.
    • An authorized pass for a special event.
  • Parking is prohibited:
    • Overnight on SIPOA roads. Contact the Security Gate at (843) 768-6641 for overnight parking options. 
    • On SIPOA roads for beach access.
    • On or within 50 feet of a traffic island or fire hydrant. This includes traffic islands in cul de sacs.
  • Parking for beach access is allowed only in designated areas close to boardwalks and in specifically designated parking spaces at the Island House.
  • Parking in regime and association parking lots is limited to owners, renters, and guests. When using Boardwalks 7, 8, and 9, parking is not permitted at Atrium Villas (near Boardwalk 7), Beach Club Villas (near Boardwalk 8), Spinnaker Beach Houses (near Boardwalks 8 and 9), or Pelican Watch Villas (near Boardwalk 9).
  • Recreational vehicles, boats, campers, and resident business vehicles with logos or signs must be stored in an enclosed garage on the owner’s property or in spaces available at the Seabrook Island Club maintenance area. Contact the Club maintenance manager, John Wilcox at (843) 364-3264 for information and fees. 

We’d like to see the numbers of citations go down and need your help in getting the word out. If you have a question about these rules, please send the Safety & Security Committee an email at If you have a more immediate question about where to park, please call the Security Gate at (843) 768-6641 for assistance. Thanks, everyone. 

-Submitted by Veronica L’Allier, Chair, Safety & Security Committee