Candidates for 2021 SIPOA Board of Directors

Over the past several days, we have published the personal statements of each of the candidates for 2021 SIPOA Board of Directors. In case you missed reading any, click here for a link to our website where you’ll find a dropdown menu with each candidate listed.

Board of Directors, Three-Year Term
(4 available positions) and
Two-Year Term (1 available position)

The top four candidates with the most votes will fill the 3-YEAR TERM and the candidate receiving the fifth most votes will fill the 2-YEAR TERM. The candidate with the least number of votes will not receive a position on the Board of Directors.

William Connolly
W. David Cruse
Chuck Riehl
Lisa Ryan
John J. Sesody
Warren Weber

Board of Directors, One-Year Term
(1 available position)

Veronica L’Allier

Nominating Committee, Two-Year Term
(2 available positions)

John T. Carpenter
Ed Rigtrup

Tidelines Editors


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