Safety and Security Note: Speeding on Seabrook

As we know, the speed limit on Seabrook Island is 25 mph, with the exception of a few places where the posted speed limit is 15 mph. Even though it’s pretty easy to know what the speed limit is, we still have too many drivers exceeding the speed limit.

Many of us think the speeders are mostly renters and contractors, but you’d be surprised to know that speeding citations are pretty evenly distributed between property owners, contractors, and renters. So please, when you are driving on the island, stay within the speed limit. Hopefully, the new electronic signs at the gate will help remind everyone to keep the speed down.

Also, with the coming of spring and summer, we see more visitors to our island. This means we are sharing the road with more walkers as well as more families bicycling around the island. It is especially important to use caution around walkers who may not hear an approaching vehicle or young bicyclists who may not have good control of their bicycles.

Please, use caution. Give them wide berth. Slow down.

-Submitted by Veronica L’Allier, Chair, Safety & Security Committee


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