SIPOA 2021 Election Results and Annual Meeting Highlights

SIPOA Election Results:  The SIPOA Board and Nomination election results were announced. Please note that these results are unofficial pending the official, certified tally. The certified election results will be available next week.

Elected to the Board of Directors for a 3-year term and a 2-year term:
William Connolly elected to a three-year term
Charles Riehl elected to a two-year term
Lisa Ryan elected to a three-year term
John Sesody elected to a three-year term
Warren Weber elected to a three-year term

Elected to the Board of Directors for a 1-year term:
Veronica L’Allier

Elected to the Nominating Committee for a 2-year term:
John T. Carpenter
Ed Rigtrup

Highlights from the 2021 SIPOA Annual Meeting:

Highlights from Treasurer, Warren Weber:
There was a big change in 3rd quarter 2020 when we brought financial management back in-house. As a result, three changes:

-Director of Finance, Steve Arnold, was hired
-Employed new financial management software
-Established new banking relationship

Overall, SIPOA is in solid financial shape

Highlights from Executive Director, Heather Paton:
2020 Annual Report will be available on the website shortly.
She acknowledged and expressed gratitude for SIPOA employees, committees, and relationships.

Highlights from Outgoing Board Chairman, Dan Kortvelesy
-Acknowledged how SIPOA successfully adapted to changes in conducting meetings during COVID-19 pandemic (including use of Zoom)
-Recognized those who provided support in 2020 during health emergency; TOSI, SIC, Board of Directors, all SBI staff, with special thank you to Jamie and Nick from The Lake House; Heather Paton; his wife Donna.
-As a result of exceptional growth, we are facing infrastructural changes and challenges

2021 Annual Budget:  Approved

The Annual Report provides more detailed information on projects, activities, and accomplishments in 2020.

Tidelines Editors

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