TOSI Bobcat Guardian Program

The Town of Seabrook Island has initiated the Bobcat Guardian Program in an effort to raise awareness among residents and business owners concerning the adverse impacts of SGA’s on the local bobcat population and to reduce or eliminate the use of such chemicals within the town

To assist in these efforts, the Town of Seabrook Island has asked local pest control companies to consider joining our Bobcat Guardian Program by voluntarily pledging to eliminate their use of SGA’s within the town.

A listing of pest control companies that have taken the 2021 Save Our Bobcats Pledge and committed to cease their use of SGA’s in the Town of Seabrook Island can be found on the Town’s website under Services/Wildlife/Bobcat Guardian Program or click here for a direct link to the web page.

-Submitted by the Town of Seabrook Island

(Image credit: Charley Moore)