Tidelines Marks Its 8th Anniversary

Anniversaries are a time to reflect on the path traveled as well as look forward to the road ahead. Since its inception in January 2013, when it was named the Official Community Blog of Seabrook Island, Tidelines has endeavored to be faithful to its mission:

“To serve as a vehicle for improving awareness of the myriad activities and the richness of living on Seabrook Island and surrounding area. It is also meant to supplement the independent communication channels of the three primary entities on the Island; namely, the Town of Seabrook Island, SIPOA, and the Seabrook Island Club.”

To date, Tidelines has published a total of 7,562 posts and had 1,019,968 views. Readership of Tidelines has steadily grown and as more newcomers arrive in Seabrook Island, these numbers will continue to rise. Thank you to Tidelines readers for their loyalty and enthusiastic support over the years! See below for the numbers that tell the story.

Number of SubscribersMarch 2014March 2021
Tidelines Daily Blog 222,291
Tidelines on Facebook 5 775
Tidelines on Twitter 0 554

Some Tidelines trivia: The most popular day for reading Tidelines is Monday, the preferred time of day is 7:00 am, and readers regularly follow Tidelines from various countries around the world.

Number of Posts20142020

Through its daily articles, Tidelines provides information on local activities, events, and organizations, Charleston area cultural happenings, and a broad variety of diverse topics of general interest. During times of community emergencies, Tidelines relays official announcements and other timely important information on behalf of the Town of Seabrook Island and the Seabrook Island Property Owners Association.

In addition to the daily articles, the Tidelines website offers an abundance of useful information such as “Do You Know” articles on topics ranging from “Living on Seabrook Island” to “What Drowning Looks Like” as well as “Hurricane Hints.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, posts featured book, movie, and recipe recommendations to help Seabrookers stay engaged during stay-at-home periods. Tidelines also distributes important information through its TidelinesAlert Twitter account which notifies its subscribers about urgent local traffic, weather, and emergency conditions.

The Tidelines team is a group of dedicated volunteers who function in a self-directed and collegial manner with a commitment to providing timely, relevant, and accurate information to Seabrookers. The current team members are Holly Bryan, Mary Fleck, Pat Fox, Sarah Good, Elise Haderer, Cathrine Scully, and Rich Siegel. Rhiannon Schalaudek is our SIPOA representative.

To review the timeline that captures the history of Tidelines, click here.

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