Reminder about SIPOA Policies and Procedures for Outdoor Lighting

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All new or replacement exterior light fixtures must be reviewed and approved by the SIPOA ARC prior to installation. Exterior lighting shall be designed so that the source of the light is not visible beyond the property lines. 

You can find ARC forms and other ARC Resources here

Lamp types shall produce a white or warm white light:

  • Lamp types shall produce a light color that is in the color spectrum between 2700 and 3100 Kelvin. Lamp types producing a light color outside this range (e.g., mercury vapor, sodium vapor, CFL, and others) will not be approved.  
  • All lamps/light fixtures shall provide a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 85 or higher.  
  • Sensitive environments such as beachfront and marsh areas are subject to additional limitations requiring shielded lighting.  
  • The ARC strongly recommends all exterior lighting be turned off by midnight.
  • Floodlights are not permitted. 
  • In-riser stairway lighting is not permitted.

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