Didn’t Get Your Morning Paper?

Many of us enjoy reading the paper in the morning and when it’s not delivered, it can be very annoying.  There are several things you can do so you won’t miss out on what’s happening.

  • Call the paper – maybe if a lot of people call, they will realize how often it happens.  The number for the Post and Courier is (843) 853-7678 (live person) and the number for the Wall Street Journal is (800) 568-7625 (voice activated).
  • Read the paper online. A considerable number of people like the feel of actual paper, so they don’t typically like reading the paper on a device. Given the choice between no paper or reading it online, it might be a good alternative. The online version is also a good to have when you travel. You need to make sure you download the correct app.  The Post & Courier calls theirs an “E-Paper” and the Wall Street Journal has the “Print Edition”.
  • Buy the papers in Freshfields.  Harris Teeter, Indigo Books and The Station often carry the papers.

Tidelines Editors

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