Call Beach Patrol to Report a Potential Beach Rule Violation

To protect public safety and preserve the beach’s natural beauty, the Town Council has adopted a comprehensive list of beach rules. These regulations can be found on the Beach Rules page of the Town’s website as well as on signs posted at the end of each boardwalk.

During the summer season, the beach is actively patrolled Seabrook Island Beach Patrol. Several Beach Patrol employees are deputized by the town as code enforcement officers. These officers have the authority to issue citations for beach rule infractions such as off-leash dogs, dogs in the restricted “no pets” area, harassing wildlife, glass on the beach, accessing the dune areas, beached watercraft, or having a vehicle on the beach. Individuals who are found guilty of violating any ordinance of the town may be subject to fines up to $1,087.50 per offense (including court fees) upon conviction.

With over three and a half miles of beach, the beach patrol cannot be everywhere. To report a potential violation to Beach Patrol, please call (843) 718-6083. Consider adding this number to your contacts list on your cell phone for easy access. The beach patrol can respond to either phone or text messages.

For police, fire or medical emergencies on any of the town’s beaches (even when in doubt), DIAL 911.

-Submitted by the Town of Seabrook Island

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