Turtle Patrol Report for the Week Ending July 2

The Turtle Patrol was proud to once again be represented in the Town’s annual Independence Day Parade on Sunday, July 4th. There were a remarkable number of vehicles in the parade this year and tons of spectators. Thanks to all the team members who participated, helped decorate, and came out to show support. An even bigger thanks to the probers who worked extra hard today to cover our 5 crawls with less vehicles available than usual!

The Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol added 11 new nests this week, bringing the total for the season to 55. This busy week included a 4-nest day on June 29th!

Saturday June 26 – Nests 45 & 46

Betsy Quinn and Karen Sewell called in with a promising crawl just south of boardwalk 6 immediately next to Nest 11 – the mama even bent nest 11’s screen! Sandy MacCoss and Amanda and Joshua Shilko responded and found Nest 46 which was left in situ.

They called again to report another crawl two houses south of the yellow house. Bill Greubel responded and located Nest 45 which was also left in situ.

Sunday June 27 – Nests 47 & 48

Mark & Valerie Doane, Susan Ferland, and the Carter family called in a crawl on Zone 3. Mark and Valerie stayed and probed and found nest #47, which was in a nice spot so it was left in situ.
Karen Sewell and Kevin and Suzanne Boyle called in a crawl located in front of the second house north of the club. Joshua Shilko was the responding prober and found nest #48 with 108 eggs, which were relocated to a safer location.

Tuesday June 29 – Nests 49, 50, 51 and 52

After trying hard the past two days with a total of 15 false crawls, the mamas were finally successful again today with 4 new nests and only 1 false crawl!

The fun started early when walkers Bill and Linda Nelson, Pat Tamasy and Tory Kindley called with two crawls, one of which looked promising. Judy Morr and Lesley Gore found nest 49 near boardwalk 3 with 84 eggs and one spacer. They relocated the nest to a higher location.

Pam Salvestrini, Ruby Jenkins, Lynda Zegers and Mary Van Deusen then called with a crawl past the bird nesting area on zone 4. Mike Vinson responded and located nest 52 which was also relocated to a safer location. This nest had 123 eggs.

The zone 2 walkers, Marnie Ellis and Vicky and Bob Becker, along with some visiting family members called with two promising crawls. Jane Magioncalda and Sandy MacCoss probed one area and located nest 51 which was left in situ. Judy Morr and Lesley Gore probed an area up in the rocks just north of the Club and found nest 50 with 134 eggs which was relocated further down the beach.

Wednesday June 30 – Nest 53 & 54

Zone 4 walkers JoAnne Lewis, Gail Koornick and Wendy Holschuh called with a crawl past the bird sanctuary towards the spit. Mike Vinson responded and found Nest 53. The 94 eggs were moved near peg #4.

Zone 2 walkers Paula Baram, Charlie Faught, and Heather Fife, along with Charlie’s grandchildren, texted with a crawl going up the same walkway as Nest 51. Sandy MacCoss and Jane Magioncalda responded and found Nest 54, which also had 94 eggs. The nest was moved to a safer location on the zone.

Thursday July 1 – Nest 55

Zone 4 walkers Carol Ann Hoffman, Andrea Daley and Sue Alfiero-Bavasso called with a crawl near Peg #2 with a body pit in a nice location far enough up the dune. Jane Magioncalda and Sandy MacCoss responded and quickly found Nest 55 which was able to be left in situ.

For more information about turtles and the Turtle Patrol, go to siturtlepatrol.com

-Submitted by Joshua Shilko

(Image credits:  Turtle Patrol)