Farewell to Faye!

After more than 25 years of service to the Town of Seabrook Island, Faye Allbritton will be retiring on July 30, 2021. Faye first started working for the Town as a temporary employee, in the summer of 1995. She was quickly hired as full-time administrative assistant in February of 1996 and became the Town Clerk/Treasurer in November of 1998. Since then, Faye has been an integral part of Town Hall. She has worked with 9 of the 10 mayors as well as countless council, committee and commission members.  

Looking back at the changes to the Town in the past 25 years, Faye said that the addition of Freshfields Village was a big change for the area. Although there are complaints about the narrow streets and all the traffic, it is a real bonus to the island that no one has to leave the area to go to the grocery store, restaurants, coffee shops or just to shop at various types of stores. The Town’s installation of the outbound path was a good addition because it provided residents and visitors with a way to travel to Freshfields Village on foot or bicycles. Looking to the future, Faye said that she hopes the Town doesn’t change too much. She loves the quiet, natural vibe of Seabrook Island and would still like residents and visitors to be able to drive up to the Town Hall and see deer, rabbits, and other animals on the lawn every once in a while. 

One of the things Faye likes most about Seabrook Island is the people. “You may have to deal with a few that can be difficult but most of the people that I have dealt with over the years . . . are just really nice people that want to help out even though there is no pay involved. By the time I work with a Mayor or Council for a full term or two terms, it almost feels like they are part of my family. I will certainly miss the people I work with when I retire but I am sure I will be out to visit often.” 

Be sure to stop by Town Hall between now and Friday, July 30, to say thank you and farewell to Faye.

Tidelines Editors

(Image Credit: townofseabrookisland.org)