SIPOA COVID Update, August 30, 2021

Throughout the pandemic, SIPOA has implemented prudent and well-researched policies for our facilities. These policies are not static and are adapted to respond to new data we receive. 

SIPOA and many other businesses, employers, and communities participate in the MUSC Back2Business program. The program guides participants in their efforts to prevent/mitigate COVID in their respective settings. 

Last month, we relaxed our mask mandate and changed it to “strongly recommend, but not require” masks because we weren’t yet seeing data showing the impact of the Delta variant. However, as the Delta variant has gained a foothold, we continue to learn of its effects. Even vaccinated individuals, and those originally believed to be at low risk, continue to be in danger of getting the virus, and perhaps worse, of spreading it to others. 

Therefore, in an effort to prevent/mitigate the virus and preserve our community health overall, we looked to MUSC for general guidance on mask requirements in light of the Delta variant data, as well as how a mask requirement would affect our specific facility use, with particular attention to a fitness center setting.

Following MUSC’s example for building and wellness center mask use, and after consultation with the Board of Directors, SIPOA will be re-instituting the requirement for masks inside SIPOA buildings – Admin Office, Lake House, Community Center, Gatehouse, and Maintenance – effective 9/1/21. However, there is an exception for individuals who are actively exercising inside the Lake House. Individuals who are exercising may remove their masks while doing so, but should maintain social distancing whenever possible, and wear masks when interacting with others at a distance of less than 6’. 

With your help, we can continue to keep our community safe and healthy. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in these dynamic times.

-Submitted by Heather Paton, MCM, CMCA, LSM, PCAM Executive Director