Turtle Patrol Report for the Week Ending August 29

Nest 75

The Turtle Patrol got quite a surprise on Friday when morning walkers discovered a brand new crawl that led to nest 75! This nest comes 34 days after our most recent 2021 nest was laid and is Seabrook Island’s latest recorded nest. Zone 3 walkers Jane M, Joe F and Sandy M called in a crawl with a promising body pit north of Boardwalk 6. Valerie and Mark D responded, located the nest, and moved it back into the dune. We thought we were done with new nests, but now we wonder – will nest 75 be our last of the season? As of now, 13 of this year’s 75 nests remain on the beach, but the recent addition of nest 75 means the season will extend well into October.

Pyrite aka Christy Update

Remember Pyrite aka Christy, our live stranding Kemp’s Ridley? Well Pyrite now has a page on the SC Aquarium website at the link below. Additionally, Pyrite has a new roomie – Amethyst! These two are sharing a tank to make room for more patients. Keep an eye on their pages for updates!


This Week’s Nest Inventories

To view this week’s inventory results, click here.

-Submitted by Joshua Shilko

(Pyrite and Amethyst image credit: SC Aquarium)