September Artist of the Month – Bob Le Fevre

Bob started taking private art lessons at the age of nine under the encouragement of his ninth-grade teachers. He was enrolled into what now has become a famous teaching atelier in Ridgewood, NJ. Here, at this very early age, he was trained in the “academic” way that built his drawing and perceptual skills, by drawing an endless array of plaster busts in charcoal. This was followed by the introduction to oils, painting still life subjects monochromatically and eventually in color (sounds like lots of fun for a kid approaching puberty!!) He stayed interested and focused because he loved the art of creation.

Bob has always had a true love for the water always living or vacationing near the ocean. At the age of 18, he took a painting lesson from a retired sea captain on Cape Cod, Mass. where he painted a large clipper ship. It was at this time that his love for, and desire to paint marine art started.

After 33 years as a business man with Procter and Gamble, PepsiCo and as owner of The United States Playing Card Co., Bob retired at the age of 55 to pursue his true passion…painting! He immediately enrolled in the Art Academy of Cincinnati taking life drawing classes for over 8 years while at the same time teaching art to a talented group of young teenagers.

He continues to hold weekly oil painting classes at his home on Seabrook Island and regularly offers drawing and oil painting demonstrations through the Seabrook Island Artists Guild. He exhibits at the Seabrook Lake House.  

To see many more of Bob’s work go to his on-line gallery at:

-Submitted by Sharon Peck

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