Updating Your Contact Information with SIPOA

SIPOA Banner June 2018

Remember when you first became a property owner on Seabrook Island and you filled out forms and information for the property owners association?  No? Well, that probably means it’s time to update your information. And where can you do that?  On the Seabrook Island Property Owners Association (SIPOA) website, of course!  Has your email address changed?  You can also do that on the SIPOA website.

It is important that SIPOA has the most current personal contact information and emergency contact information for each owner.  If your email is on file correctly you will receive their weekly eblasts as well as other important or emergency information. And, it won’t be long before we are voting again for SIPOA board positions and your email will be needed for ballot distribution. So, please get your contact information updated soon!

Go to SIPOA.org, find the Owners tab and look for Update Contact Information.

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