Message From SIPOA Administration

The following is a message from SIPOA Administration:

Earlier this week we received communication from a few Property Owners with questions about a young male who was granted access on the evening of October 15, 2021, but who seemed suspicious.

SIPOA and Security Management have investigated the incident.

At 10:05 pm the person arrived in a vehicle operated by a transport service. He told the gate officer (who had just come on duty at 10:00 pm) he had just come from the hospital and was meeting his girlfriend (adult daughter of a property owner) at her house. He provided the destination address and ID. The gate system had an open pass for a visitor to that address. The person was granted access, was dropped at the destination address, and the transportation vehicle driver exited the island. The visitor then found that there was no one home at this destination, and waited outside the house and in the street for his girlfriend to arrive. He had been to the destination address previously, but he wasn’t recognized by any neighbors. His presence and demeanor caused some concern by nearby property owners. The visitor appeared to have medical issues that evening, and although neighbors were startled by his presence, there were no reports of aggressive behavior. One of the neighbors called 911 as recommended by the gate officer. EMS arrived and transported the visitor back to the hospital.

Our investigation and records confirmed that this person was not a stranger gaining improper access to the island. He was an invited guest of a member of a property owner’s immediate family who was staying at the property owner’s home. SIPOA and Security Management are having ongoing discussions concerning this incident.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind all residents that our gate and patrol officers are responsible for access control and enforcement of SIPOA Rules & Regulations. They do not have law enforcement authority, nor are they first responders. Please remember it is policy to call 911 directly, not the gate, for all emergencies.

-Seabrook Island Property Owners Association (SIPOA) Administration