Town of Seabrook Island Candidate – John Gregg

Each of the three entities on Seabrook Island will hold elections in the coming months. Since Seabrook Island is a municipal town in SC, its election is on November 2, a statewide election day. The Seabrook Island Property Owners Association (SIPOA) and the Seabrook Island Club will hold their separate elections in early 2022.

The information about the candidate in this post is for the town election only. 

Below is information about John Gregg who is running for Mayor.

Katie and John Gregg have owned property on Seabrook Island since 1997 and became full-time residents in 2006. Before closure, Katie worked at the Freshfields Village WonderWorks store and maintains contacts with the business owner and local customers; John is retired. Prior to moving to Seabrook Island, Katie taught in private schools in Cincinnati and John served as Patent Counsel for a machinery manufacturer in Cincinnati.

Since becoming a full-time resident, John served on the Property Owners Association Legal Committee from 2007-2013; was first elected to Town Council in 2013, re-elected to Council in 2015 and 2017 and was elected mayor in 2019. He served as chair of the Town’s Public Safety Committee with his election to Council and served as Mayor Pro Tem from his re-election to Council in 2015. John is a candidate for re-election as mayor in 2021.

In consequence of the ongoing pandemic, 2020 and 2021 have presented challenges to Council to guide the Town’s response while conducting Town business under modified practices using video conferences. During John’s tenure as mayor, Council adopted regulation of short-term rentals with a focus on matters of public safety; continued review and rewriting of the Town’s Development Standards Ordinance to transition away from the current “planned development” based zoning; approved comprehensive revision of the Town’s sign regulations and adopted revised administrative procedures to accommodate the use of video/audio conference techniques for the conduct of meetings by Council and Town Commissions, Committees and Boards. The foregoing “legislative” undertakings have been in addition to the Council’s continued attention to ongoing matters such as updating of the Town’s Comprehensive Emergency Plan as well as unusual undertakings including hiring of a Town Clerk and Zoning Administrator/Chief Code Enforcement Officer.

-Provided by John Gregg to Tidelines