Town of Seabrook Island Candidate – Dan Kortvelesy

Each of the three different entities on Seabrook Island will hold elections in the coming months. Since Seabrook Island is a municipal town in SC, its election is on November 2, a statewide election day. The Seabrook Island Property Owners Association (SIPOA) and the Seabrook Island Club will hold their separate elections in early 2022.

The information about the candidate in this post is for the town election only.

Below is information about Dan Kortvelesy who is running for one of the 4 Town Council seats.

Dan and Donna Kortvelesy have been full-time residents of Seabrook Island since 2011. Their family was introduced to the island in 1992 when they started to vacation here, and they bought a lot in 1994. Since moving to Seabrook Island, Dan has served as a member of the SIPOA Board of Directors for 6 years (2014-2020) and was vice president (2019) and president (2020). During his time on the SIPOA board, he served as the chair of the SIPOA Planning Committee (2014-2019) and as a member since 2012.  As a part of the planning committee, he was a member of the survey, data-gathering sub-committee. He was also the vice-chair of the ARC (2014-2019) and a member of the Safety and Security Committee. He was also part of many subcommittees including the Audubon Data Gathering Sessions and the Housing Sub-Committee. In addition, as the vice president and president, Dan was a part of the Town of Seabrook Island (TOSI) Disaster Recovery Council. Also, during the years 2019 and 2020, Dan was a part of the monthly meetings with the leadership of TOSI and SIC. He stated that this experience gave him a greater insight into the issues and challenges that the citizens of Seabrook Island face and how the entities work together and share ideas and varied points of view. During this past year, Dan has served as a member of the Johns Island Task Force. This group brings together diverse parties that examine and react to issues that face the greater sea island communities.

Dan has always believed that he should do more than just be a part of a community; that he should offer to do more. In his community or his profession, he has always volunteered to participate in various activities. During his 35+ years in education, he was a member of the NJ Principals and Supervisors Association where he also served on the Secondary Education Advisory Committee. He was also a member of the Atlantic County Coordinators of School Improvement and the Atlantic County Technology Coordinating Council. He was also president of his administrator’s association. In his hometown in NJ, he served on the city Board of Education for 2 terms before relocating to SC. This district contained 9 schools with grades from Pre-K to 12 with a budget of $100M+.  As a member of the BOE, he served on the leadership team for the County School Boards Association and was on the NJ School Boards Association Board of Directors.

Dan has one reason why he is running for a position on the TOSI council: to continue to ensure that Seabrook Island remains a premier community. A balance between quality of life, the environment, and economic vitality are the issues that will be faced by TOSI, SIPOA, and SIC. He believes that the ability to work together to address common concerns needs to be maintained. The decisions made by the TOSI should always reflect continued positive growth, addressing the identified strategic issues, dealing with change in all forms, and completing this all within the confines of the laws of TOSI and SC, and adopted budget.

-Provided by Dan Kortvelesy to Tidelines