SINHG Returns to the Road

The Seabrook Island Natural History Group (SINHG), whose signature SINHG Trips were severely impacted by pandemic restrictions, has been carefully returning to the road this fall. SINHG members participated in the autumn’s annual bird banding on Kiawah with Aaron Given of the Kiawah Conservancy, helping to identify and band a variety of migrating species, from Yellow Chested Chats to Palm Warblers.

Further afield, members traveled downtown to the do-it-yourself art studio NailedIt! where members crafted their own wood and slate signs, just in time for holiday decorating and gift-giving.

Downtown’s Upper King Street district provided the backdrop for a culinary tour of some of the neighborhood’s newest and adventurous restaurants, one of SINHG’s most popular member trips. With pandemic metrics offering hope for more normal travel and interaction, SINHG hopes to return to a full schedule of trips for members in the spring. To learn more, and become a SINHG member eligible to participate in SINHG Trips, visit

-Submitted by Norm Powers, for SINHG

(Image of bird credit: Dean Morr; other images credit: Julia Thogmartin)