SINHG Program Explores Medicinal Herbs March 10

The SINHG Evening Program on March 10, 2022 at 7:00 pm will bring botanist and herbalist Amy Punsalan to the Live Oak Room at Lake House to “Connect, Thrive & Cultivate Peace With Native Herbs”. Amy Punsalan is the founder of Charleston’s Yahola Herbal School. She is an ethnobotanist with a wide-ranging knowledge of native herbs and plants built up over 25 years experience, including a Master’s degree in Botany and a Traditional Herbalism certificate. Her goal is to increase the health and vitality of people with primarily native plants because, as she points out, “Medicine is everywhere.”

Evening Programs will continue in April with South Carolina apiarist Ben Powell and “The Importance Of Bees.” To pre-register, visit

-Submitted by Norm Powers for SINHG

(Image credit: Post & Courier)