SIAG April Artist of the Month – Meg Homeier

Meg’s art explores capturing fluidity.

Meg Homeier’s medium is alcohol ink and acrylic products usually applied to a synthetic paper, allowing unexpected details to occur. She is able to manipulate the surface to produce a beautiful interaction of the inks.

She has been captivated by this unpredictable medium for the past six years. Meg states that as a newcomer to the medium, she was called to try all the many highly colorful pigments available to an artist. She loves the way the inks dance and morph on the paper all the while calling the artist to find composition in the chaos. It can be challenging to corral the movement, but in viewing her art she shows she has, in fact, corralled the medium.

Meg has skillfully tamed the rich color palettes of the inks by narrowing her focus on select pigments and adding other mediums to the ink. This combination creates her distinctive style.

Meg loves to introduce this colorful medium to artists and creatives so they can “free” their inner artist.

Please join Meg Homeier at The Lake House on April 4 for the Artist of the Month reception from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

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-Submitted by Bonnie Younginer, SIAG

(Image credit: SIAG)