On the Peninsula with SINHG

SINHG members have been traveling downtown in recent weeks as part of SINHG‘s spring schedule of educational trips. A dozen members explored Wraggborough, the downtown neighborhood with the Joseph Manigault House and the Charleston Museum at its center. The neighborhood is named for Joseph Wraggborough, an early 18th-century slave trader who once owned the parcel bounded by King and E. Bay streets, and whose seven children have lent their names to the neighborhood’s seven major streets – Ann, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Henrietta, John, Judith, and Mary.

Charleston’s troubled but colorful pirate history was the focus of another SINHG trip, during which members learned of Blackbeard’s blockade of Charleston harbor in 1718 to wring medical supplies for his crew from the city and of the city’s rambunctious reputation as the Las Vegas of the British colonies during the late 17th and early 18th centuries.

SINHG Trips continue through May, and a full schedule of fall trips will be announced soon.

-Submitted by Norm Powers, for SINHG

(Image credit: SINHG)