SIAG Recap of Fundraiser for Art Classes at St. John’s High School

On Black Friday, during the 2021 Thanksgiving weekend art show, the Seabrook Island Artist Guild invited visitors attending the show to donate money to the St. John’s High School’s art program to help with purchasing supplies. And donate they did!

Generously, over $1,100.00 was raised from donations and the GoFundMe page. Working with the art teacher, Ashley Jones, the Guild was able to purchase much-needed art supplies for the high school’s art classes.

Ms. Jones states “I was able to continually replenish paint supplies, buy new and more adequate paint pallets, canvas, watercolor pallets, and new paintbrushes. I was also able to supply sketchbooks for my entire Art 2 class. With the additional money, I will be able to purchase printmaking supplies for my Art 1 class. I am so grateful for your support in offering a more diverse art experience for my students.”

Thank you from the Seabrook Island Artist Guild to all who participated in helping St. John’s High School art program.

-Submitted by Bonnie Younginer, SIAG

(Image credit: SIAG)