SIAG Welcomes Larry Moore: Developing the Voice of the Artist, May 17

Seabrook Island Artist Guild (SIAG) welcomes Larry Moore
Presentation: Developing the Voice of the Artist
Tuesday, May 17
1:30 – 4:00 pm
The Lake House

Larry Moore is an artist, author, and instructor/creative coach who resides in Charleston, SC. Larry has a diverse background as a visual communicator and has been involved in areas such as advertising and design, fine art, plein air painting, and illustration (for 35 years) where he worked in almost every medium and style. In his artistic exploration, Larry discovered that the creative process behind all of these approaches is nearly the same. His acquired knowledge leads to teaching critical thinking. As an instructor and coach, Larry strives to give people a way to access their creative spirit.

His presentation at Seabrook will focus on developing the voice of the artist and will include a time-lapse video.

Larry is the author of Fishing for Elephants: Insights and Exercises to Inspire Authentic Creativity, a workbook that can be used by anyone to enhance their creativity quotient. The first half explains the mechanics of creative and critical thinking, it’s a left-brain approach to a right-brain event. The second half is filled with exercises that anyone can do. 

Larry is also the author of numerous articles and videos about his art and creative approach. He is the recipient of multiple awards and his work has been included in many museum exhibits in Florida, New York, California, and Maryland. In Charleston, he is represented by the Horton Hayes Gallery and in his own studio (Larry Moore Studios on Queen Street).

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-Submitted by Monique Boissier-Sporn, Seabrook Island Artist Guild

(Image credit: Larry Moore)