SIPOA Rental Policy Information

The SIPOA Board of Directors has developed a comprehensive “Rental Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines” document. The purpose is to gather all rental-related policies and procedures into a single, owner-friendly document. The document contains both a summary of existing practices and procedures as well as certain new policies and procedures.

This new policy document will be reviewed at the upcoming SIPOA Board meeting on Monday, May 16, 2022. The objective of creating rental policies is to balance the economic needs of owners who offer their property for rent with a quality of life expected by owners who do not – ensuring the behaviors of one group do not adversely impact the other. By doing so, the policies can help maintain the overall character and desirability of Seabrook Island for all who live, visit, and vacation in the community.

By way of introduction to this new policy document, the Board has also prepared a letter to property owners discussing the background and rationale leading up to its development. This letter can be accessed here

-Submitted by SIPOA