Turtle Patrol Report for June 3-9

Nests 23 and 24 – June 3
Rob Jerome and Nancy Chomel, found nest 23 near the vehicle entrance at Camp Saint Christopher. This has been a favorite area of the beach for our nesting turtles this year. Nest 23 was left in-situ. Further down the beach, near the fallen trees, Rob and Nancy found another nest. Unfortunately, raccoons found the nest first and only one viable egg was left at the bottom of nest 24.

Nests 25 and 26 – June 5
Today’s lucky walkers, Valerie and Mark Doane, Sue Ferland, LuAnn and Ron Sweeney, Rachel Marshall and Neva Carter, found two nests. Nest 25, with 118 eggs, was relocated 150 yards north of Boardwalk 3 under the careful supervision of these Black Bellied Whistling Ducks. The ducks were identified by one of our resident bird nerds, Judy Morr. Experienced members of Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol verified that all the relocated eggs were indeed turtle eggs. Nest 26 contained 124 eggs that were relocated into the dunes 75 yards south of Boardwalk 5. The Sweeneys and the Carters had to leave the beach prior to the picture for these nests.

Nests 27 and 28 – June 6
Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol walkers, Joleen Ardaiolo, Donna Mrozek, Tobie McMahon and Stephanie McCray found a crawl in front of the chapel at Camp Saint Christopher. This turtle bulldozed the false crawl flag from last Tuesday and then dug further back in the dune to lay nest 27. This nest which was left in-situ. Mike Vinson, Gary Holtz, Rob Jerome, Ed Harris, Cary Wiggins and Bonnie Bohme found Nest 28 near Boardwalk 6 which was left in-situ.

Nests 29 through 33 – June 7
This was a big day for the Turtles of Seabrook Island as five nests were found on our beach this morning. Walkers Linda and Bill Nelson, Tory Kindley and Patt Tamasy had a busy morning when they found three of the nests. Nest 29 was left in-situ 100 yards north of Boardwalk 3. Nest 32 was found at Boardwalk 3 but the 142 eggs were relocated 50 yards further south. Nest 33 was found 150 yards north of Boardwalk 6 and was left in-situ.

Lori Porwoll, Ruby Jenkins and Mary Van Deusen found nests 30 and 31 on North Beach near the Dolphin Box at the inlet. Nest 30, with 97 eggs, and Nest 31, with 80 eggs, were relocated to a safer spot next to each other on higher ground.

Nest 34 – June 9
Things were much quieter on the beach today compared to the large amount of turtle activity yesterday, but Lucy and Ray Hoover and Amy Kashmer found nest 34 in front of the chapel at Camp Saint Christopher. It was left in-situ.

–Submitted by Anne Snelgrove for SITP

(Image credit: Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol)