SIPOA Remote Gate Pass Location is Up and Running

SIPOA recently entered into an agreement to lease the former NV Realty/BBT building at 1900 Seabrook Island Road (corner of the Marina entrance) as a remote gate pass location. This is the same location we beta-tested last year as a possible solution to incidents of back-ups at the access gate.

Hours of Operation:

For the summer season site operating hours are:

  • Sunday – Friday: 6:30 am – 3:30 pm
  • Saturday: 6:30 am – 7:00 pm

In the off-season, operating hours are:

  • Daily: 6:30 am – 4:00 pm

How to Enter Passes:

Property Owners should continue to use the GateAccess app and/or online system to enter personal guests and their arrival/departure dates. Rental guests can be added using the online system only, under the “Rental Pass Vouchers” tab. The app does not have the “rental guest” feature at this time. Please use the system online.

How to Obtain Passes for Personal and Rental Guests:

Please advise your personal guests and rental guests arriving during operating hours to have their Fast Access QR codes ready and stop at 1900 Seabrook Island Road to obtain their SIPOA gate pass. This includes all personal and rental guest vehicles that are using the Fast Access QR codes to obtain a gate pass for the first time. The QR code is not a gate pass. Once visitors have obtained a valid pass for the time period of their visit, there is no need for them to return to the 1900 Seabrook Island Road location. To enter the island, they can proceed directly to the left lane/visitor lane at the gate and display their pass on the dashboard.

How to Obtain Passes for Contractors:

Property Owners who hire contractors to provide services should instruct their contractor to obtain a gate pass at 1900 Seabrook Island Road before going to the gate or purchase an annual commercial barcode. Contractor daily passes can be entered into ABDI using the app or online system and checking the contractor/vendor box. Contractors can pay for their daily pass at the remote location. Due to the physical limitations of the remote pass site, larger vehicles, such as cement mixers, 3-axle vehicles, moving vans, etc., will continue to the gate for passes. Most incoming traffic will be able to use the new location, and 2-axle vehicles arriving at the gate without a pass will be turned around and directed to the remote pass site.

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