Archeological Ruins Near Seabrook

Did you know that across the North Edisto River, near Seabrook Island, lies one of the oldest and largest archeological ruins in North America? It is Fig Island shell ring – an ancient site built up of hundreds of years worth of clam, oyster, and other shells along with fish bones, pottery, and primitive tools – which is one of thirty such sites along the southeast coast between South Carolina and northern Florida.

Seabrook Island Natural History Group (SINHG) has written a very interesting article about the history of Fig Island and the two smaller islands that surround it. These islands date back 4000 years and the question is what they may have been used for and who built them.

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SINHG is one of the island’s oldest and largest special interest groups dedicated to exploring the ecology, history, and culture of the Carolina Lowcountry.

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