SIAG Welcomes Acclaimed Artist Marissa Vogl, September 20

Seabrook Island Artist Guild (SIAG) welcomes Marissa Vogl
Tuesday, September 20, 2022
1:30 – 4:00 pm
The Lake House

Marissa Vogl is best known for her large-scale abstractions. Born and raised in Montana, she now resides and paints in Charleston, SC. She is co-owner of the Meyer-Vogl galleries in Charleston. Marissa will be presenting a demonstration of her unique style during the SIAG monthly meeting.

Marissa Vogl’s work is a response to her observations of life’s beauty, most often relating to florals and landscapes. The emotional and energetic response leads to intentional mark-making and exploration of vivid color palettes that create a spontaneous harmony. Working mostly in oils or acrylics, she often begins by painting from life or plein-air references. Her intent is to translate an emotional reaction from her observations into something the viewer can also experience.

Marissa states, “It is important to me to never settle on a defined style. I need the creative freedom to explore regularly. This is an important part of my process—to be able to play with shapes, color, texture, tools, and ways to create unique marks. It is all part of building a dialog between my brush and the energy I want to convey. My natural response to visual inspiration can be so strong that I paint it without knowing but instead feeling. This is a meditative process that has become more focused over the years.”

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-Submitted by Bonnie Younginer, Seabrook Island Artist Guild

(Image credit: Marissa Vogl)