The Fleming Flash – October 5, Additional Information

Here are some of the highlighted matches for today:

Men’s Doubles:

70s – Bluford/Tracy vs Witten/Martin 2:00 pm
75s – Regensburg/Kennedy vs Hendrix/Soden 3:00 pm
         Polychron/Steenbergen vs Cherry/Hunt 2:30 pm

Men’s Singles:

65s – Bunch vs Knabel 12:30 pm
          Steen vs Madden 12:30 pm

Women’s Doubles:

55s – Steen/Jones vs Bailey/Jones-Thompson 2:00 pm
         Small/Ewald vs Charlton/Kaleel 12:00 pm
         Ross/Zylstra vs Madden/Albiez 2:00 pm

70s – Cherry/Bolick vs Bruce/McLean 1:00 pm

To view individual brackets for the tournament, click on this link.

-Submitted by Karen Petrucelli and Ellen Smith