The Fleming Flash – October 7

Play is happening all day long at both Seabrook and Kiawah, so come on out and watch some great tennis! 

Lunch will be available for purchase from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm at the Racquet Sports Center on Seabrook Island

  • Hamburger/cheeseburger          $10
  • Chicken sandwich                         $10
  • Hot dog                                           $7
  • Vegetable wrap                             $7

Sides of cole slaw, potato salad and fresh fruit salad for $3 Ea

Chips & cookies for $2 Ea

Drinks $2

All prices include tax and gratuity.  Cash or member number only.

Don’t forget the Friday night event at the Seabrook Island Club next to the Pelican’s Nest for players and their guests!

In support of the Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic, check out the online auction which is still open for bidding at – there are some great items available for you to win in the auction!  And, the wine pull is ongoing all day on the porch.  In between matches, check out J McLaughlin at Freshfields Village for some great items and 15% of the sales between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm will go to the Free Medical Clinic.

Here are the highlighted matches for Friday, October 7 –

Men’s Doubles

50s-       Courtney/Cagide vs Thomson/Hines 2 pm RBTC

60s –     Goheen/Miller vs Mckay/Larkin 8:30 am SEA

              B. Good/C. Good vs Goldstein/Heskamp 2:00 pm SEA

65s-       Fenton/Fenton vs Bunch/Martin 10:30 RBTC

75s-       Regensburg/Kennedy vs Cherry/Hunt  1:00 pm sea

              Polychron/Steenbergen vs Hendrix/Soden 3:30 pm SEA

Men’s Singles

40s-       Vandegrift vs Polychron 12:00 pm SEA

Women’s Doubles

30s-       Richey/Faust vs Angel/Manley 3 pm SEA

40s-       Duckworth/Kirkman vs Hahn/Porter 10:45 SEA

              Angel/Aiken vs Sowers/Hall 10:45 RBTC

50s-       Smith/Moore vs Charlton/Kaleel 10:30 am RBTC

              Hines/Duckworth vs Ashworth/Aiken 10:45 RBTC

60s        Ott/Fiegleman vs Orr/Conklin 12 pm RBTC

70s-       Cherry/Bolick vs Simons/Kirkland12:00 pm SEA

              Bruce/McLean vs Babb/Peiffer 10:15 SEA

Women’s Singles

65s-       Small vs Pettit 10:00 am RBTC

Mixed Doubles

40s-       Hieber/Templeton vs Meadows/Sowers 2 pm SEA

50s-       Hines/Hines vs Hollman/Tabares 11:30 am SEA

70s-       Saver/Cherry vs McGuire/Bradley 10:30 am SEA

-Submitted by Karen Petrucelli and Ellen Smith