The Fleming Flash – October 9

More tennis is happening at  Seabrook!

Final matches will be played today.

Lunch will be available for purchase from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm at the Racquet Sports Center on Seabrook Island

  • Hamburger/cheeseburger          $10
  • Chicken sandwich                         $10
  • Hot dog                                           $7
  • Vegetable wrap                             $7

Sides of cole slaw, potato salad and fresh fruit salad for $3 Ea

Chips & cookies for $2 Ea

Drinks $2

All prices include tax and gratuity.  Cash or member number only.

If you want to look at photos of the Fleming Tournament, the links to the full gallery and some highlights are posted on our website at  .  Be sure to check them out.

Here are the times for the finals and final round robin matches for today ALL AT SEABROOK:

Men’s Doubles

50s-       11:30 am

55s-       2:30 pm

60s –     12:45 pm

65s-       Bunch/Martin vs Tillison/Stewart 11:45 am

Men’s Singles

40s-       9:00 am

50s-       10:30 am

55s-       8:30 am

60s-       8:30 am

65s-       9:00 am

Women’s Doubles

30s-       1:15 pm

40s-       10:00 am            Cons Final Sowers/Hall vs Ashworth/Macfie 12:00 pm

50s-       2:15 pm              Cons Final Hines/Duckworth vs Pridnia/Medlock 10:15 am

55s-       12:00 pm

60s        10:00 am            Cons Final Ott/Fiegleman vs Taylor/Harrill 10:00 am

Women’s Singles

40s-       9:00 am

55s-       9:00 am

Mixed Doubles

40s-       11:30 am

50s-       8:30 am              Cons Final Ross/Cagide vs Marguglio/Bailey 9:00 am

60s-       8:30 am

70s-       10:15 am

-Submitted by Karen Petrucelli and Ellen Smith