Charleston County Comprehensive Plan Survey

The Charleston County Comprehensive Plan (the Plan) is the future vision for preservation and development in Charleston County (the County) for the next five to ten years. The Plan establishes strategies for the County to pursue to maintain and enhance its high quality, unique landscapes with a focus on strategies that the County government can directly influence and achieve. 

The Plan is a guide for public decision-making. The County’s elected and appointed officials use the Plan to evaluate future proposals and policy changes to ensure consistent decisions are made. Furthermore, the Plan provides guidance to landowners and developers on what is appropriate in the County. 

Charleston County is beginning the five-year review of the Plan. There will be many opportunities for public input throughout the review process, including a survey that you can access by clicking here.

Please complete the survey, which should take approximately 20 minutes, to help us understand your vision for the County for the next five to ten years. You will be asked for your input regarding the Vision statement contained in the Plan as well as your input regarding the goal for each of the eleven Elements contained in the Plan. 

–Submitted by the Town of Seabrook Island