Thank You to SIPOA Volunteers

President’s Letter to SIPOA Volunteers

Dear SIPOA Volunteers:

I wanted to take this opportunity, as the Holidays are fast upon us, to reach out to all of you fellow Seabrookers who have chosen to donate your time and talents, and to thank you for helping to manage and develop our community in so many different ways… for the benefit of us all.

In total, there are >70 Volunteers in the various Committees and on the Board of SIPOA.  While some folks may have a higher time commitment than others (just imagine that the ARC, for example, meets at least twice each month, with a pre-meeting the day before to study projects that are in the works, and each meeting can last up to 8 hours(!) – given the very high level of new construction and renovation taking place on Seabrook Island).  That’s not too far away from a full-time job and it is done, not only for free, but with plenty of criticism from folks who don’t think the process is moving fast enough or in the right direction.  That’s just one example of the generosity of our volunteer community – but certainly one that is worthy of a “tip of the hat”!  It is by no means intended to downplay the significance of every Volunteer’s contribution to Seabrook Island. There are >2500 property owners who are invested in Seabrook Island so it’s only a small fraction of our property owners – in fact, only ~3% or so – who make the effort to participate in the well-being of our community by actually getting involved to DO something.  

We are lucky to be supported by a very professional and dedicated staff who actually do the operational “stuff” that keeps our infrastructure and governing framework humming. Daily interaction with property owner volunteers keeps the staff engaged and increases the productivity and enjoyment of their jobs.

2022 has been a busy and a productive year for SIPOA.  I would mention here just a few of the highlights (there are too many of them for a complete list!):

  • Developed and implemented a new, comprehensive SIPOA policy to manage Rentals on Seabrook Island with the overriding goal to balance the needs and concerns of those who rent their properties with those who do not
  • Constructed a new “entry corridor” following the entrance at the gate which has significantly reduced traffic speeds entering the Island and has provided a new “aesthetic” to welcome owners and guests to our community
  • Constructed a new viewing platform at the location of former Boardwalk 8.  The platform is handicapped accessible and provides all of our property owners the opportunity to access the spectacular view out towards Deveaux Bank
  • Made significant progress towards a major upgrade to SIPOA’s main amenities – the Lake House and the Oyster Catcher Community Center.  The intent is to fully develop the plans for these upgrades and bring the project to our property owners for approval – likely in mid-2023

I could carry on for quite a while along these lines but if you’ve been paying attention to our regular communication channels you will be aware of the many other achievements of all of SIPOA’s Committee’s and the Board during the year.  

All of these achievements are the result of diligent efforts of our Volunteers supported by the SIPOA staff.  So…


2022 is rapidly drawing to a close and 2023 will bring with it a continuation of many current activities along with, I am sure, many new challenges requiring action and response from our Seabrook Island community.  Approaching the end of my third year on the SIPOA Board I can say that I have every confidence in the world that we are up to any new challenges coming our way and that with your continued involvement and strong efforts we will continue to make improvements to the wonderful place in which we live.

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!!!  Stay healthy!!  And my very best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2023!!


John Kinne, SIPOA President

-Submitted by SIPOA