SIPOA Get the Scoop Series: Committees and What They Do

Mark your calendars for two upcoming Get the Scoop Events from SIPOA!

SIPOA Committees & What They Do
Wednesday, February 1, 4:30 pm
Oyster Catcher Community Center

If you are unable to attend in-person, you may join via Zoom.
Log into GateAccess for the link.

Have you ever served on one of SIPOA’s committees? If not, why not? Is it because you don’t understand what they are and what they do? If yes, but you are not currently serving, would you like to be updated on what the committees are currently doing?

Here is your opportunity to learn more. During the upcoming Get the Scoop program, committee representatives will be present to review the role and activities of each of the SIPOA committees. Requiring about 60 property owner volunteers, SIPOA’s committees have an essential role in providing information and recommendations to the Board.

Whether you are interested in serving on a committee, or simply want to understand more about what they do, this Get the Scoop program is for you.

We hope to see many of Seabrook Island’s property owners there. If you are currently serving on a SIPOA committee, thank you!

For up to date information on Get the Scoop events, check out the Activities & Events page on our website.

-Submitted by SIPOA