Monday, February 20 is a Federal Holiday

On Monday, February 20, we celebrate Presidents’ Day, a federal holiday. According to, the official federal holiday is called Washington’s Birthday. In the late 1960s, it was decided to honor both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and it became Presidents’ Day to honor all presidents, past, and present, on the third Monday of February.

Even though it is a federal holiday, states do not have to observe it and they can call it whatever they would like to call it. The name ranges from President’s Day to Presidents’ Day to Washington and Lincoln Day to George Washington/Thomas Jefferson Birthday to George Washington’s Birthday and Daisy Gatson Bates Day as well as several other names.  Click here to see what each state calls the third Monday in February and which states do not observe the holiday.

The US Post Office will be closed and there will be no mail delivery on Monday, February 20.  Most banks, as well as some schools, will also be closed.  ATM machines, of course, will still be available for you to get cash or make deposits into your accounts.

In addition, the following will be open or closed:

Town of Seabrook Island Offices will be closed all day on Monday, February 20.

SIPOA Offices will be closed.

Harris Teeter will be open.

Vincent’s Drug Store will be open.

Post and Computer Center will be open.

The Lake House will be open. 

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