SIPOA: Renew 50 Update

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The SIPOA Board of Directors and the Renew 50 Committee have received several hundred comment sheets and emails from Property Owners over this past month. This input is rich with ideas and suggestions we can use to refine our initial concepts for the Lake House and Oyster Catcher opportunities. We are committed to listen to the community.

As such, the Renew 50 team has decided to take time to analyze the feedback from Property Owners to understand concerns and recommendations. We will use this to determine how to adjust the initial concept design and plan. With this data mining work, we will adjust our timeline and delay the referendum.

As you know and we’ve communicated, it’s good project planning to adjust timelines as new information comes to light and ultimately a better result can be achieved.

-Submitted by SIPOA Administration

(Image credit: SIPOA)