2023 Annual Assessment

Don’t forget the Annual Assessment for 2023 is due by this Friday, March 31

These statements were physically mailed and emailed to your Primary Contact address and email address. If you have received your physical copy of your statement after you have paid, please disregard this notice.

If you have any questions regarding your statement, please reach out to our Financial Assistant, Sarah Brewer, at

Street Sweeper Leaf Collection Schedule

SIPOA will begin using street sweepers to collect the shedding oak leaves beginning on March 20, 2023. The street sweepers will operate for a period of 4 weeks and end on April 14, 2023. During this time, normal road blowing operations will be paused.

SIPOA collects these leaves in order to prevent them from depositing into our stormwater drainage piping and ponds. Residents are reminded not to blow leaves into the stormwater draining system. Last year we were able to collect over 200 cubic yards of leaf debris from our roadways that would have otherwise ended up in our stormwater piping and ponds.

Bike Path Repaving Schedule

The section of bike path that runs adjacent to Seabrook Island Road from Landfall Way to Baywood Drive is scheduled to be repaved.

The repaving is scheduled to begin on April 13, 2023 (weather permitting) and should take approximately 2 weeks to complete.

The entire bike path from Landfall Way to Baywood will be closed during this time.

-Submitted by SIPOA